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Mathematics at St Richard's 

The only way to learn maths is to do maths - Paul Halmos

Mathematics in Key Stage 1


During Key Stage 1 pupils count regularly and learn their number bonds. We learn how to add and subtract and how to make groups and share. We use lots of equipment to help us with our learning and we look at different ways to record our mathematics. 

Come and take a look at what's been happening in Mathematics... 

Take a look at what we're learning in Mathematics.


Pupil Voice

Pupil voice shows that children enjoy their Mathematics learning and that they especially enjoy practical activities in maths. 

  • I can partition numbers into tens and ones.


  • I can subitise.


  • We sing songs to learn our number bonds.


  • I like writing my numbers on the number line


  • I can make my numbers using different counters and objects.


  • I can use the numicon to show my number bonds.

Mathematics Documents

maths policy 2023-2024.pdf .pdf
key stage 1 progression.pdf .pdf

Our Curriculum


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